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Transmission Color Meter

TZ 6000

TZ 6000 is a tristimulus-value direct reading type color meter for transmittance measurement only, aiming at measurement of film and liquid samples. Stable and high-precision measurement is possible by the adopted flicker photometry. By selecting a sample clamp, glass cell or test tube (option), various types of samples can be measured. This model allows measurement of Hazen color number (APHA) and Gardner color number, so it will be optimum for color management of films, potable water and chemicals, etc.


You can measure the color of such transparent samples as films and liquid by this color meter.

The adopted flicker photometry allows stable and highly precise measurement for a long time.

Hazen color number (APHA) and Gardner color number can be measured

Its sample chamber has a drain, so cleaning is easy even if a sample liquid is spilled out.

It is possible to measure ASTM color number, Saybolt color number in a simplified method and Iodine color number too (all in option).

In addition to the measurement using the standard attachments, measurement using a test tube is also available (in option).

Using color management software (option), analysis by measurement data and various color graphs is possible on the display of your personal computer.