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Compact Color & Whiteness Meter


NW-11 is a portable compact and light-weight color & whiteness meter. Using this model, it is possible to measure color of samples for all the color systems and color difference formulae, including the evaluation of whiteness. Its measuring operation is very simple. What you have to do is just putting a sample on the sample stage and press a button on the operation panel, and measured values will appear on the display. This model is really an innovative instrument that enables to measure various types of solid, powder and pellet samples, etc. It will be optimum for color and whiteness management of painting, foods, paper, pharmaceuticals, cement, etc.


This is a portable, compact and light-weight color & whiteness meter.

Operation is very simple just by putting a sample on a sample stage and pressing a button on the operation panel.

Reference color and measured approximate color are comparatively shown on a large size color liquid-crystal display.

This model is equipped with various such functions as data compensation, decision to pass or fail, etc.

40 pieces of reference value data and 400 pieces of measurement value data can be saved into the built-in memory.

An exclusive printer (option) can be connected to this model for immediate printing of measured data.

Using color management software (option), analysis by measurement data and various color graphs is possible on the display of your personal computer.