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Variable Angle Spectrophotometer

GC 5000

GC 5000 is a spectrophotometric type variable angle color difference meter aiming at measurements of special samples that have such specific reflectance or transmittance color characteristics as pearl and metallic. Light receiving angle moves automatically to your arbitrary set angles, and spectral reflectance or transmittance at each angle is continuously measured. Thus, various color values are calculated from the measured data, graphs are made and sample’s optical characteristics are analyzed in detail. This model will be optimum to make optical evaluation of metallic paint, cosmetics, liquid-crystal diffuser panel, fabrics, etc.


This is a high-performance spectrophotometer and shows a very high cost performance in spite of its automatic angle variation system.

Spectral reflectance and transmittance distributions can be measured in the wavelength range of 400nm to 700nm at 20nm intervals.

Control software has plenty of such evaluation graphs as spectral graph, chromaticity diagram, spherical coordinates, block diagram, etc.